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Genuine Sami Swedish Lapland bracelets handmade from reindeer leather, pewter, shed reindeer antler.

bLeoz the home of 100% Handmade Sami Bracelets from Sweden

The Arctic Circle, The Sami people, Sweden Laplanders, are the natives of the Nordic countries.  For several centuries the Sami people has made jewelry of reindeer leather, pewter and antler. The Sami people is the aboriginal people of North of Scandinavia, with a 10 000 years old history. 
It is about 17000 Sami people living in Sweden today, 3000 of them are still living on reindeer breading, The Sami people are well-know for their Pewter/Silver bracelets, bLeoZ Handmade Bracelets from Swedish Lapland. 


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